EmailScheduler 1.0.2beta

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EmailScheduler 1.0.2beta

Loads of changes, fixes:

  • Added Option to minimize instead of hide
  • fixed settings for Port, Debug, and new FormHide not reading back into the options panel
  • fixed Connection error endless loop–will try 3 times, then fail
  • fixed issue with the system check having multiple checks
  • fixed Port number not working
  • fixed an issue with SSL not connecting due to unknown cert.
  • fixed a non-ssl account not connecting
  • Added keep-live to sockets, see next item
  • Added connection manager notification–should keep the connection alive for those of you with other programs to shut it down.
  • other minor code improvements

One big change is the way I handle seecure sockets, before, I wouldn’t allow accounts that were using unknown, or expired certificates.  However, some users that have their own server may not pay for a legit cert, so this program will accept ALL certificates.  For most users, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Also, I noticed I was trying no matter what to secure the socket, even if you don’t want that.  To make it easy, port 143 is always a NON-secure connection.  All other ports, including 993 ARE secure.  I could have another option for this, and if you bitch to me enough, maybe I will add it, but again, the majority, this should work great.

I am still not fully happy with how I check to make sure the socket is ok, but I think it is better.  Let me know of any other issues.